The Treadmill Makes the Top of My Feet Sore


Soreness on the top of your feet from using a treadmill can be excruciating, affecting your athletic performance and preventing you from continuing your workout. Soreness can be caused by many conditions, training errors and environmental factors.

What Causes Soreness?

You can experience soreness on the top of the feet from running on a treadmill if you wear shoes that are laced too tight or put pressure on the top of your feet. Improper-fitting socks can bunch up at the top of the foot and cause soreness or an enlarged bone called a bone spur. In addition, excessively using a treadmill and not taking breaks as you need them can stress the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your feet, resulting in soreness. Extensor tendinitis, where the tendons on the top of the foot become inflamed, can develop from the repetitive motions of running on a treadmill.

Treatment Options

Wear shoes that are specifically designed for running and make sure that they are comfortably laced. Gradually increase the intensity of your workout on the treadmill rather than starting out at full force and intensity. Take a break and rest your feet if you begin to experience foot soreness. If you develop a bone spur, cut foam rubber into a doughnut shape and glue it to the tongue of your shoe so that your shoe will not press against the spur.

Self Care

To prevent soreness on the top of your feet from recurring, massage and stretch out the top of your feet before and after your jog on the treadmill. Try rolling a ball back and forth beneath the bottom of your foot to flex it. Remove your running shoes as soon as you are done with your workout and walk around barefoot as much as possible to build up the strength in your feet.

Take a Break

If walking on the treadmill continues to make the top of your feet sore, switch to another activity for the time being. Spend some time learning yoga poses that will stretch and strengthen your feet. Do Chair pose on your toes instead of having the bottoms of your feet on the floor.