How to Attach a Trek Tag Along to a Bicycle

Bicycles for two passengers, the tandem

The Trek tag along, sometimes called a trail-a-bike, combines the tandem cycling experience with the handling of a bike trailer. This device allows you to ride your bicycle with your child safely attached and pedaling on his own trailer bicycle. The radius design of the forward neck and a vertical-pivot hitch allows the tag along to attach to standard-size bikes. In addition, it comes with a selection of hitch inserts that adapt to most seat posts. Attachment is relatively easy and in most cases, you and your partner can hitch up the tag along in a short time.

Steady the bicycle. Loosen the compression collar at the top of the seat tube with a metric wrench or loosen a quick-release lever by hand. Lift the seat and seat post out of the seat tube.

Select the correct hitch insert according to the diameter of the seat post. Loosen the quick-release lever on the tag-along compression collar. Push the insert fully into the hitch by hand.

Ask your partner to center the tag-along hitch atop the seat tube as you reattach the seat.

Push the end of the seat post through the hitch insert and into the seat tube on the bike. Adjust the seat to the preferred height and tighten the nut or quick-release lever on the seat tube compression collar.

Tighten the quick-release lever on the tag-along hitch by hand.


Some models have compression bolts at the hitch that you tighten with a hex wrench.