How to Improve My Cardio Fast With CrossFit

How to Improve My Cardio Fast With CrossFit

The CrossFit program uses three basic standards of fitness to create its workouts and training patterns. One of the standards includes metabolic conditioning -- commonly referred to as cardio -- that relates to the body’s endurance and stamina. While CrossFit builds lifelong fitness, some people want to improve cardio and fitness fast. You can improve your cardio fast with CrossFit by following a specific workout schedule.

Perform long metcon workouts -- metabolic conditioning workouts -- two to three days per week. These long metcon workouts take about 10 to 30 minutes to complete and consist of combining various exercises such as deadlifts, squats, pullups, pushups and situps.

Work out five to six days per week using a variety of CrossFit workouts. You can complement the general CrossFit workouts with CrossFit Endurance workouts three to four days per week. CrossFit workouts focus on constantly varied combinations, which results in an unlimited number of workouts.

Perform short, high-intensity intervals lasting 10 to 30 seconds to develop the phosphogen cardio system. Rest for 30 to 90 seconds between intervals and repeat for 25 to 30 rounds. You can perform the intervals with running, swimming, cycling or rowing.

Perform moderate-intensity intervals lasting 30 seconds to two minutes to develop the glycolytic cardio system. Rest for one to four minutes between intervals and repeat for 10 to 20 rounds. Similar to the high-intensity intervals, use running, cycling, swimming or rowing for these intervals.

Perform longer intervals lasting two to five minues to train the oxidative cardio system. Rest for two to five minutes between intervals and repeat for three to five rounds. Use running, cycling, swimming or rowing for each set of intervals.


Contact a local CrossFit affiliate gym for more information regarding specific CrossFit exercises and workouts.

The interval training develops the cardiovascular system without sacrificing the gains in strength, speed and power from the general CrossFit workouts.