What Workouts Do the WWE Wrestlers Use?

Muscular Man Doing Bench Press Exercise For Chest

Although WWE wrestling matches usually have predetermined outcomes, the competitors in the WWE spend countless hours working out to improve their physiques and increase their physical strength. Becoming a WWE star requires the right appearance and the ability to perform inside the ring, which the proper exercises can aid. Working hard in the gym remains important to achieving success in the WWE.


Dumbbell curls strengthen your bicep muscles and allow you to focus on one arm at a time. Barbell curls also strengthen your biceps, while working on your forearm flexors as well. Dumbbell presses and lateral raises work the shoulders, which help you achieve the desired V-shape form. For triceps, do some triceps press-downs and lying triceps extensions.


When working your legs, begin with leg curls. These exercises work the hamstrings. Leg curls involve lying on your stomach and curling your leg toward your lower back while on an exercise machine. Leg extensions work your quadriceps, and require you to sit up and extend your legs outward on an exercise machine. Remember that wrestlers do not work their legs very hard while going through intense in-ring training because this can negatively affect their performance. You do not want to end up with tired legs in the ring.


Having a big chest holds importance in the WWE because the crowd focuses on this portion of the body. The bench-press does the best job of building these muscles, although you can do press butterflies once you have mastered the bench-press. Doing two to four sets of six to 10 repetitions of these exercises will improve the look of your chest very quickly.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Despite the impressive size of most WWE wrestlers, they also have good enough conditioning to finish a lengthy match. If you cannot wrestle for more than two or three minutes at a time, you will not have much success in the ring. Exercises like running stairs, jogging, riding an exercise bike and using an elliptical trainer allow you to finish a match as strongly as you started. Make sure that you increase your cardio workload occasionally, as this prevents you from reaching a plateau. A good wrestling match usually has an exciting comeback conclusion, so you must have a short-term energy burst at the end to give the fans what they want.