Bosu Ball Ankle Exercises


Improving ankle stability and function will reduce the likelihood of an ankle sprain and improve your overall balance. The Bosu ball is a semi-circled half-disc designed to provide a safe, yet unstable, surface for you to train on. Training on an unstable surface like the Bosu ball will increase the challenge on your ankle joint and cause you to develop better ankle control.

Single Leg Balance

Turn the Bosu ball over so that the flat surface is touching the ground. Place your right foot on top of the center of the Bosu ball. Lift your arms so that they are parallel to the floor. Bend your right knee slightly. Lift your left foot off of the ground. Balance for 30 seconds to 60 seconds while utilizing your arms to help keep you balanced. If you begin to lose control, simply place your left foot on the ground and repeat.

Single Leg Balance with Lateral Raise

The single leg balance with lateral raise is a more advanced version of the single leg balance exercise. Flip the Bosu ball onto its flat side. Put your right foot on top of the ball and place your hands on your hips. Allow your right knee to bend slightly. Pick up your left foot so that your body weight is supported by your right leg. Now, move your left leg directly to the left by slowly swinging your leg outward. Once you have moved your leg as far to the left as possible, slowly bring your left leg back toward your right leg. Touch your left foot to your right foot and then repeat.

Calf Raises

Place the Bosu ball, circular side down, near a wall or stationary bar. Put both of your feet on top of the Bosu ball so that they are touching each other. Lean forward slightly and place your fingertips on the wall or stationary bar. Use your fingertips for balance only when you need it. Now, push down onto the ball so that your heels begin to elevate. Lift your heels up so that they are higher than your toes. Hold for a brief moment and then relax your calves so that your heels dip down below the level of your toes.

Bosu Squat

Turn the ball over so that the circular portion of the ball is against the floor. Place your feet on the flat surface of the Bosu ball so that they are one inch from the edge sides. Hold your arms up in the air to help keep you balanced. Balance on the ball so that the top surface of the Bosu ball is flat. Now, bend at your knees and hips lowering your butt toward the Bosu ball. After your butt has been lowered about two feet, push down through your feet and ankles and return to a standing position.