Ideas for a Fitness Bulletin Board at the Health Club

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The bulletin board in a health club is a place to share information about the club itself as well as provide helpful fitness information. Create an attractive, colorful display that draws people in to read the content. Images along with large-font text that is easy to read offer optimal visual appeal. Once you draw clients to the boards, you need useful information that they are able to use.

Class Information

Use a prominent bulletin board at the center to highlight the classes and fitness programs the facility offers. Include a brief overview of the class, including the length and components. Take a photo from each class and display it next to the description for visual interest. Another option is to include bios for the fitness instructors next to each class or program. This bulletin board idea expands on the printed class schedule for the facility, allowing users gain a better sense of which classes are right for them.

Injury Prevention

An injury-prevention campaign on a bulletin board display reminds patrons to exercise safely. Incorporate tips on reducing injury risks, including information on warmups, cool-downs, stretching and working within physical capabilities. Also consider including information on hydrating and eating to support fitness goals. Instructions on properly using the equipment in the facility also fit this theme. Include illustrations or photographs to support the information and make the bulletin board more interesting.

Fitness Benefits & Components

A bulletin board covering the benefits and components of a solid workout program serves as a motivator for facility users. Include a list of benefits, such as weight control, increased strength, and a reduced risk for health problems like heart disease and cancer. Use the display to remind gym members that a well-rounded program includes cardio, strength training and flexibility components. Provide examples of each type of exercise that are available at the facility.

Success Stories

A display of success stories is another motivating option for the bulletin boards. Highlight users who have used the facility to improve their overall fitness levels and health. This might include weight loss stories, bios of patrons who overcame physical challenges or news of people who achieved a challenging physical feat, such as completing a triathlon. Include pictures of the gym member and the details of her success story. Depending on the size of the bulletin board, try to highlight several members at once. Change the highlighted members every few weeks or month to keep it fresh.