How to Clean a Golf Cart Gas Carburetor

Two golf carts

Most golf cart carburetors can be cleaned on a workbench. Removing the carburetor from the golf cart engine is a matter of disconnecting the fuel line and throttle cable, and removing the nuts that hold the carburetor to the intake manifold. Carburetor cleaner spray and a bristle brush work for removing dirt and gasoline lacquer from the carburetor body. A rebuild kit for the particular model of carburetor you're cleaning will have the correct replacement screws, jets and gaskets. Spreading a cloth or a place mat on the workbench helps to keep track of the carburetor parts.

Remove the air cleaner at the rear of the carburetor by loosening the hex bolt with a box wrench. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the float bowl on the underside of the carburetor. Set the bowl, the gasket and the float aside and remove the main jet and idle jet from the carburetor body with a flat screwdriver.

Clean the inside of the float bowl with spray cleaner and a bristle brush to remove any lacquers. Dump the residual cleaner into a small pan or plastic container. Turn the idle adjustment screw all the way in with a flat screwdriver until it stops, and note the precise number of turns. Back the adjustment screw out all the way and set it aside.

Spray the carburetor body inside and out with cleaner. Use the tube nozzle on the spray can to clean the jet ports, idle adjustment port and the choke plate. Use the bristle brush to clean dirt and deposits on the body. Wipe the carburetor with a dry cloth.

Use the replacement parts from the rebuild kit to reassemble the carburetor. Insert the main jet and idle jet into the body. Tighten them with a flat screwdriver until they are secure. Insert the idle adjustment screw until it stops, and back it out the precise number of turns.

Insert the float return spring in the bowl, set the float in place and make sure it moves up and down easily with a touch of a finger. Place the gasket on the lip of the bowl and reattach the bowl to the carburetor body. Replace the filter cartridge in the air cleaner and reattach the air cleaner to the carburetor.


Close the fuel-supply valve on the golf cart before disconnecting the fuel line. Use the new intake manifold gasket from the rebuild kit when mounting the carburetor on the engine. Minimize the amount of spray cleaner by using the extension tube that comes with the cleaner.


Do not remove the carburetor while the engine is hot. Tighten screws and nuts snug. Do not overtighten. Wear eye protection when spraying carburetor parts.