EZ-Go Speed Chip Instructions


An EZ-Go speed chip allows certain golf cart models to exceed pre-programmed speed limitations in the cart’s electronic system. The EZ-Go speed chip, sometimes also called a freedom chip, is compatible with golf carts that use an electric Power Drive System (PDS) and are model year 2000 or newer. The chip increases the cart’s maximum speed from 13.5 mph to 19 mph. Installation of the freedom chip is easy and requires no tools.

Determine whether your golf cart can use the EZ-Go speed chip by checking the control system. Open the passenger seat and find the computer controller next to the battery pack. If the computer controller has a run-tow switch, it is compatible with the EZ-Go speed chip. Also check that there is a forward/reverse switch on the panel below the steering wheel. The forward/reverse switch should be in the "neutral" position, between "forward" and "reverse."

Switch the run-tow toggle to “tow.” Remove the environmental cover from the computer controller, and plug the EZ-Go speed chip into the slot in the lower right-hand corner. The speed chip is shaped specifically to fit into this socket and has a pair of red wires sticking out of the top. Fold the red wires out of the way, and replace the environmental cover.

Flip the run-tow switch back to the “run” position. Toggle the forward/reverse switch from the "neutral" position to "reverse" five times in quick succession. After a few seconds, the computer controller will beep four times, indicating it has shifted into the freedom mode.

Flip the run-tow switch back to “tow” and then "run” to escape the diagnostic setting mode. This enables freedom mode and allows the cart to reach a maximum speed of 19 mph. Close the passenger seat cover over the computer controller.

Push the “forward” button, and control the speed with the accelerator pedal. The cart will gradually increase speed until it reaches a maximum of 19 mph.


If the computer controller beeps two or three times instead of four in Step 3, the wrong chip has been installed. Two beeps indicate that the chip is capable of achieving only 13.5 mph, and three beeps limit the speed 14.5 mph.