What Are the Benefits of Drinking Dill Pickle Juice?


Muscle cramps are an involuntary movement of your muscles. Though extremely painful, these cramps generally are harmless. If the discomfort interferes with your workout routine, dill pickle juice might help reduce the muscle cramping.

Muscle Cramping

It’s not uncommon for athletes to experience cramping during workout sessions. Scientists don’t agree on what causes this type of cramping; however, some believe that dehydration is to blame. During an intense workout, your body sweats. This causes sodium and potassium levels to get out of balance – resulting in muscle cramping. Some people drink an electrolyte replacement drink or water to relieve muscle cramping. However, pickle juice might have perks for reducing cramping, too.

Pickle Juice Servings

To get the benefits of reduced cramping with dill pickle juice, drink about 2.5 ounces of pickle juice after your workout session. Most athletes experience reduced cramping within about 85 seconds, reports The New York Times. Drinking pickle juice appears to reduce cramping about 45 percent faster than just drinking water.

How it Works

Pickle juice is slightly acidic. Scientists believe the acidic substance found in pickle juice -- vinegar -- sends signals to your nerves. This disrupts the cramping caused during workout sessions. Drinking pure vinegar might have a similar affect, reports The New York Times. However, straight vinegar doesn’t taste as pleasant as pickle juice.

Side Effects

More research is needed to determine if dill pickle juice is truly an effective treatment for muscle cramping. However, there isn’t any know side effects of consuming pickle juice. If you continue to have muscle cramping during workouts, talk with your doctor. She can advise if drinking pickle juice is the right option for your situation. She also can make other recommendations, such as modifying your workout to reduce fatigue in the muscles. Starting your workout routine slowly and building strength over time, rather than starting with an intense workout, might help reduce this type of cramping.