P90X vs. Supreme 90 Day Workout

P90X vs. Supreme 90 Day Workout

The P90X and Supreme 90 Day workouts are advanced, 90-day fitness programs designed to help you lean down, get stronger and get ripped. They have the same basic program design and both programs include a nutrition component. P90X offers more workouts and some extra features. It is also available for streaming online. Supreme 90 Day is less expensive and doesn't take up as much of your time per day, but it is only available on DVD.

Availability and Cost

As of publication, the Supreme 90 Day workout system DVDs are no longer being produced and marketed. If you have the set at home, there is no cost except for the equipment needed. If you do not already own the DVDs, you may be able to purchase them used online from sites such as Amazon or eBay. You can also check with your local library.

P90X was formerly only offered on DVD, but it is now available to stream online. If you want to buy the DVDs the cost of the base workout kit is between $120 and $140. You can subscribe for online streaming access for between $39 and $169, depending on the length of your subscription and whether you purchase available add-ons. You can then download the workout sheets, start guide and nutrition guide from the website.

Program Design

Although each program is made by a different company, the designs of the P90X and Supreme 90 Day programs are very similar. P90X and the Supreme 90 Day program emphasize muscle confusion as the key to avoiding fitness plateaus. Both programs include a large variety of exercises, and the workouts are cycled so you do them in a different order during each 30-day phase.

Both workout programs are broken into three cycles of 30 days each. You work out six days per week, 30 to 90 minutes each day. On average, the P90X workouts are longer. The longest Supreme 90 Day workout is 60 minutes, but P90X has a 90-minute yoga workout. On the days you do P90X strength-training workouts, which are 60 minutes, you also do the Ab Ripper X workout, which adds another 15 minutes to the session.

Included Workouts

The P90X program includes 12 workouts, and the Supreme 90 Day program includes 10. Both programs have the same five strength-training workouts: "Chest, Shoulders and Triceps," "Shoulders and Arms," "Back and Biceps," "Legs" and "Chest and Back." Both programs also have a core workout DVD.

The P90X program includes a cardio workout, a martial arts-style workout and a plyometrics workout. The Supreme 90 Day program includes a cardio workout and a Tabata interval workout. Tabata intervals consist of 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. The extra workouts for the P90X program are a stretching workout and a yoga workout.

Required Equipment

Both programs require some extra equipment. You should have a mat, water and towel at every workout. P90X requires a pull-up bar and dumbbells or resistance bands. The Supreme 90 Day workout requires dumbbells and a stability ball.

Program Components

Both systems include a nutrition component; however, the P90X nutrition guide is more detailed than the Supreme 90 Day guide. The P90X nutrition plan is broken into three phases: Fat Shredder, Energy Booster and Endurance Maximizer. Each phase has a specific macro-nutrient breakdown and estimated daily caloric goal.

The P90X nutrition program provides five detailed meals for every day of the program and recipes with detailed nutrition information. The Supreme 90 Day nutrition guide includes a food guide and nutrition tips, but it isn't as detailed and doesn't break the program down into daily meals.