Comparing Women's Golf Clubs


Women's golf clubs are designed to fit the average woman's swing profile. While there are many exceptions to the rule, women in general have lower swing speeds and strength levels than men. Because of this, ladies clubs are lighter and almost exclusively come with graphite shafts as standard. Lofts also tend to be higher, particularly in women's drivers to help get the ball airborne. Most of the leading manufacturers offer at least one set of women's clubs.


The TaylorMade Burner Superfast driver features a lightweight shaft of just more than 45g to enable women to create higher ball speeds. Available in lofts ranging from 9.5 degrees to 13 degrees, it is suitable for women with various ball flights. TaylorMade also offer the Burner Superlaunch, a hybrid iron set, ideal for helping women hit the ball longer and straighter with slow tempos. They are also extremely forgiving so they can help even the least able player.


Cobra offers the S2 and S2 Offest drivers. The S2 Offset is aimed at higher handicaps because of its anti slice set-up and maximum forgiveness. The S2 is aimed at all handicaps and gives forgiveness and superior distance. Cobra also offers two high-quality iron sets. The S2 irons are aimed at all ladies and provides a mid-high launch and balanced performance. The S2 Max irons are aimed at higher handicaps because of their maximum forgiveness.


Callaway offers four women's drivers. The FT-9 is designed for workability for better players while the FT-iz is described as Callaway's longest and straightest driver. The Diablo Octane and Diablo Edge offer greater forgiveness and distance for less accomplished lady golfers. Callaway offers two iron sets. The X-22 and Diablo Edge irons offer excellent forgiveness. The X-22 irons favor the better player because of their control and performance while the increased distance of the Diablo Edge irons make them a better choice for higher handicaps.


The Adam's Speedline Driver for women was engineered using wind tunnel technology. The result is a head that is aerodynamic allowing for greater club head speed through impact. It gives a high-launch angle and mid-spin for extra carry distance. Adams' premier women's iron set is the IDEA Tech V3 Hybrid Iron Set. These hybrid irons offer a lot of forgiveness, high-launch angles and greater distance for slower swing speeds.

Other Brands

If you are just getting into golf and want some high-quality women's clubs without breaking the bank, complete sets are sold at more affordable prices. In Dick's Sporting Goods, there are complete sets, driver, fairway wood, hybrids, irons, wedges, putter and golf bag for less than $300. Manufacturers, such as Maxfli, Top Flite, Wilson and Lady Hagen, offer full matching sets of clubs, designed to suit women's swings.