How Many Calories Can You Burn During the Insanity Workout?

Aerobics class

Insanity is an at-home workout program created by Shaun T and produced by Beachbody. The program consists of ten DVD's and a schedule to cue the participant of what DVD to do each day.

Type of Exercise Performed

Insanity is a collection of DVD's containing high intensity interval training, meaning there is a period of explosive high intensity exercise followed by a short rest period. There are also DVD's that are entirely cardio conditioning and some DVD's are meant to be a strengthen-recovery program.

Calories Burned According to Exercise

High intensity interval training can burn up to 160 calories in ten minutes for an average-weight individual. Performing steady intense cardio can burn 318 calories in 40 minutes for a 150-pound person. The recovery days can burn 255 calories in 50 minutes.

Predicting Your Calorie Burn

Everyone burns calories differently and at a different rate, but there are factors that can make your specific calorie burn more predictable. Men typically burn more calories than women. The taller and heavier you are, the more calories you use. Also, a fit individual will burn less calories than an unfit person while performing the same exercise.