Total Gym Vs. Weider

Total Gym produces several models of home gyms that use your body weight as resistance. Each gym has the same basic design, but differs in features. Weider Fitness makes several types of home gyms, but the Total Body Works 5000 competes directly with the Total Gym models.


The Weider and Total Gym systems look very similar. A long, sliding bench attaches to a metal frame that you can set at several different inclines. When you pull the handles, you are pulling the bench which holds your body weight. Therefore, the higher you incline the bench, the more difficult the exercise. Both the Weider and the Total Gym systems fold down so you can easily move and store the machine.


You can do many of the same exercises, such as a row, chest press, bicep curl and tricep extension, on the Total Gym and the Weider Body Works. The Weider Body Works 5000 includes a squat stand. The 2000, the most basic Total Gym model, does not. The Total Gym 3000 includes a squat stand and the Total Gym XLS includes a squat stand, leg pull and a Pilates kit. You can do over 50 exercises on the Weider gym. On the Total Gym systems, you can do over 40, 60 or 80 exercises, depending on the model.


The Weider gym is 71 inches long, 26 inches wide and 49 inches tall. It is shorter, but wider than the Total Gym systems, which are 90 inches long, 19 inches wide and 43 inches tall. The Body Works 5000 and the Total Gym 2000 can handle users up to 250 lbs. The Total Gym 3000 can handle users up to 300 lbs. and the XLS model can handle users up to 400 lbs.


The Weider gym is a more budget-friendly choice than the Total Gym. It retails for $149 on the official Weider Fitness website. The least expensive Total Gym, the 2000, sells for $599. The next model up, the 3000, sells for $850 and the most expensive model, the XLS, sells for $1100.