Measure Volleyball Vertical


In volleyball, vertical jump measurements are important factors that coaches use for recruitment to compare players or to evaluate the improvements of a player. There are two vertical jumps in volleyball: block jump and approach jump. Measurements for these jumps become a part of a player’s statistics, like attacks and digs, and can be compared to the importance of the 40-yard dash in football.

Measuring Your Block Jump

Place chalk on your fingertips.

Stand facing the wall.

Stretch out your arms above your head and place a chalk mark on the wall. This is your standing reach.

Jump as high as possible from your standing position and touch the wall with your fingertips, using both hands, to leave a chalk mark.

Measure the distance from the top chalk mark to the floor. This is your block jump vertical reach. For liberos and defense specialists, measure the distance between the two chalk marks to get your vertical jump measurement. This value is typically used instead of the block jump vertical reach for liberos and defense specialists and is recorded in inches in the United States.

Measuring Your Approach Jump

Place chalk on your fingertips.

Step away from the wall.

Running parallel to the wall, take a three-step hitting or spiking approach and touch the wall with your hitting hand at the peak of the jump using your fingertips to leave a chalk mark.

Measure the distance between the approach jump chalk mark and the floor. This distance is your approach jump vertical reach.


Equipment such as the vertical challenger or wall-mounted vertical can be very useful when performing multiple vertical tests, especially for coaches and volleyball clubs. A sticky substance like silly putty, Play-Doh, or sticky notes are great substitutes for chalk and easy to remove from the wall.


Clear the area of all items to avoid tripping or injury. Do not run facing the wall on the approach jump to prevent hitting the wall with your body. Although you can do this alone, it might be easier to have someone assist you.