How to Dress for Cold Weather When Playing Soccer

Jack Hollingsworth/Photodisc/Getty Images

You might think of soccer as a summertime sport, but leagues can extend into the colder months. To play your best game, you need to stay warm, keeping your muscles loose and reducing the possibility of injury. The key to keeping warm is dressing for the cold weather.

Wear a pair of compression pants or compression shorts and a compression shirt under your shorts and jersey. Compression clothing hugs your body, keeping it warm while wicking sweat away from your skin. According to the "Laws of the Game," undergarments worn under your jersey must match the color of your jersey and those worn under your shorts must match the color of your shorts.

Wear your jersey and shorts over your compression clothing. According to the "Laws of the Game," you must wear shorts, not pants. If your team has long-sleeved jerseys, those are allowed.

Wear gloves and a knit hat to keep your extremities warm.

Bring an extra set of soccer socks to keep on the sidelines. Change into these socks during halftime if your feet have become wet.

Wear track pants and a jacket while on the sidelines. If you are sitting on the bench, wear a blanket to keep yourself extra warm.


Be aware that all clothing items must be inspected by the referee. Clothing can only be worn if the referee deems that it poses no risk to yourself or others on the field.