How to Adjust Dalbello Boots


Before you take your Dalbello boots to a professional boot fitter and drop another $150-$300, consider trying a few tips and techniques designed to get your Dalbello's properly adjusted and formed to your foot. A properly adjusted and fitting ski bot is the most important piece of gear you need for your alpine skiing adventures.

Pull the foam liner out of the Dalbello Boots. Place your feet in the boots and push your toes all the way up to the very end of the toe box.

Slide your finger behind your heel and see if you can fit your full forefinger between the heel and boot easily. Wear only the light-weight socks during this fit.

Remove the boots and put the liners back into the boot. Push the foam liner all the way up into the toe box. Place your foot into the liner and boot. Check that the liner touches the heel cup and toe box with your foot in the boot/liner. If the liner is forced and loses shape against the heel cup, remove it and heat it up with the hair dryer. Get the liner hot so it is moldable.

Slide your foot back into the liner while it is hot and then place the liner with your foot into the boot. Let the liner cool off and form around the heel cup with your foot in the liner and boot. This process takes 10 minutes and you must remain standing during the cooling process.

Buckle and Binding Adjustments

Place your ski boots on and close the hooks on the adjustable straps on the loosest setting possible for each strap.

Start at the second strap to the bottom and tighten as far as possible. Tighten it so the top of the foot feels slightly uncomfortable.

Move on to the second from the top strap and tighten as firm as possible.

Tighten the top strap as tight as you can, then bring the velcro closure through the threading attachment and close off the velcro around the top of the boot.

Tighten the bottom strap very loose. Keep it tight enough so that it will not slip off, but leave loose enough so that the toes have circulation.


Unbuckle the three top straps when not skiing, such as when riding lifts as waiting in the ski line. Tighten when you are ready to ski down the hill.