How to Load a Marksman Repeater Air Pistol

Air gun pellets

The Marksman 1010C BB Repeater Air Pistol can shoot BBs, pellets, bolts or darts at a velocity of 200 feet per second. You'll need to cock the gun and release the loading port in the barrel to insert BBs or other ammo into the gun. You'll then be able to load up to 18 BBs or a single pellet, bolt or dart.

Opening Up

Release the slide latch found on the left side of the gun just above the hand grip by pushing it down. When released, the slide will move backward about a quarter-inch. Cock the pistol by pulling the slide back until it clicks -- approximately 2 inches. Push the slide forward until it clicks in place. Engage the safety by pressing the button found on the left side of the hand grip just behind the trigger. You may then depress the loading port release button just below the gun's muzzle. The barrel section will then pop up. The barrel will not release if the gun hasn't been properly cocked.

Loading Up

The loading chamber has a square hole where you may load up to 18 BBs. Simply point the pistol downward and insert one at a time or pour in using a speed loader. The round hole just below the square one is for pellets, darts or bolts. Use only .177 caliber airgun darts, bolts and pellets. Inserting the ammo through the round hole places it directly in the barrel. Make sure that the dart, bolt or pellet is completely past the barrel seal before shutting the loading chamber.