How to Announce a Boxing Match

    Step 1

    Write a script for the boxing event. Include the names of the fighters and the names of the officials. Know the correct pronunciation. Write names out phonetically.

    Step 2

    Announce the name of each of the officials at the event, including the judges and referee. State the name of the event's promoter, sponsors and name any sanctioning organizations.

    Step 3

    Announce each fighter individually. Start with each fighter's first name and then say his nickname, followed by his last name. State their current weight, record and boxing team, plus any titles if applicable. Do not add commentary, such as which fighter you prefer. Avoid remarks that could be construed as bias.

    Step 4

    Announce the end of each round, the number of the round and the beginning of the next round. Introduce the ring girls who hold up the numbered signs for each round.

    Step 5

    Make any special announcements you are asked to make between rounds. Introduce celebrities, VIPs or special guests. Refrain from adding personal opinions or commentary.

    Step 6

    Pick up the scores from the judges at the end of the match, and deliver them to the representative of the boxing administration. Announce the winner to the audience after the scores are added up.

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