How To Organize a Softball Tournament

Grab your calendar, your phone, and some paper. Organizing a Softball Tournament takes a plan and the payoff will be a fun social sporting event. Especially if warmer weather is coming soon, now is the time to plan your softball tournament.

Look at your field allowance.

If you only have one field, typically you can only have about 8 teams play. Know your field allowance before accepting teams.

Determine a prize.

It could be a cash prize or something simple like T-shirts. For the most part, people do not care. They like to play the game and have a good time with friends. You must consider the prize, however, as you organize a softball tournament.

Call your local Parks and Recreation department.

Call and ask, "how do I organize a softball tournament." Give them your ideas. Find a date that works best. Be sure to inquire if the department will advertise for you and call existing teams to join.

Post fliers around town.

If you have a free advertisement newspaper, place an ad about a month before the date. Give everyone a couple of weeks for the deadline.

Everything will seem to fall into place once you get over the initial amount of work required .

Contact local food vendors and ask them if they'd like to participate in your event. They could even make a bit of money over the weekend. You always need food.