How to Attach Hockey Socks to a Garter


With enough ice time, you'll have no problem attaching your hockey socks to your garter. If you are new to hockey, however, learning how to correctly put on all of your equipment can be intimidating. Whether you're a mini-mite or an adult playing hockey for the first time, you need to know how to attach your hockey socks to your garter or you risk discomfort and even injury.

Put on your athletic cup by stepping through the waistbands with each leg. Your athletic cup should fit snugly to your groin area so that it does not move around excessively.

Put on your garter belt around your waist. It should be slightly above the waist band of your athletic cup.

Place a shin guard on each of your legs. Make sure to keep your leg extended so that the shin guard does not fall off either of your legs.

Put both feet through the top of your hockey socks and pull each hockey sock over the shin guards on each leg. The top of your hockey socks should reach to approximately the middle of your thighs.

Fasten the four clips hanging from your garter belt to each sock. To fasten the clips, simply press the open end to open the other end and release your grip to fasten the clip. You will have two clips for the front of your thighs and two clips for the back of your thighs.