How to Attach a Tube Tow Rope

Tubing is a popular pastime during the summer months. It is a simple sport that requires no training or professional coaching. Everyone is good at tubing, and anyone who can swim can have fun with tubing. But, the most essential part of tubing revolves around a knot. That is because if the tube is not tied correctly to the back of a boat, there are risks involved. The tube can flip. The rope can snap. The tuber can be lost to the wake or injured. This article will walk you through the few steps required to correctly and securely attach the tow robe to the tube to help avoid those problems.

Connect the rope to the harness. The end of the tow rope will have a white, plastic-made loop on it. This is where you will knot the rope. Thread the end of the tow rope through the circular eye of the plastic loop.

Twist the rope. Continue threading the rope through the eye. When the looped end of the rope is completely through the plastic piece, slide the other end of the tow rope through the loop.

Tighten the knot. Pull the end of the rope through the loop and pull it as tightly as you can. Remember, this knot will have to hold tautly as the boat pulls.

Repeat Steps 1, 2 and 4.

Connect the tow rope to the boat. The end of the tow rope will have a metal hook on it. This hook connects to the hook on the back of the boat.

Go tubing.