Average Salary for Soccer Players


Although not one of the four major sports in the United States, soccer (or "football") is one of the most popular sports in the world. Nearly every major country has a major soccer league, while others have more. The average salaries of soccer players vary by country and by league. As you would expect, those playing in more skilled leagues across the world see a higher average salary.

1. Major League Soccer - United States

Major League Soccer (MLS) earns an average of $472,008 per season in guaranteed compensation.

The top-earning active player in MLS is Chicago Fire Shaqiri Xherdan, $8,153,000.

The top five club salaries in 2022:

  1. Atlanta United - $20,999,272
  2. LA Galaxy - $20,128,040
  3. Inter Miami - $18,882,628
  4. New England Revolution - $18,141,886
  5. Chicago Fire - $17,645,464

2. Premier League - England

The English Premier League is arguably the top soccer league in the world.

The top five estimated wage bill for last Premier League season:

3. La Liga - Spain

The highest division of soccer in Spain, La Liga ​was​ home to some of the world's best soccer players, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

The average La Liga player makes an average of 2 million pounds. The average is high because of the three top La Liga teams wage bill:

  1. FC Barcelona - 190,160,000 pounds
  2. Real Madrid - 159,680,000
  3. Atletico Madrid - 132,390,000

4. Other Major Soccer Leagues

In Germany, the Bundesliga and in Italy, there is Serie A.

In Serie A, the average player makes 1,894,792 Euros. The average is high because of the top four team's wage bill:

  1. Juventus FC - 102,307,000 Euros
  2. Inter Milan - 102,307,000
  3. SSC Napoli - 94,455,000
  4. AS Roma - 70,400,000

In Germany, the average player makes 1,663,089 Euros. The average is high because of the top two teams' wage bill:

  1. Bayern Münich - 180,720,000 Euros
  2. Borussia Dortmund - 101,206,000