Basketball Award Ideas

Rewarding a job well-done is important, especially for children. Highlighting each person’s attendance at practice and skill during games will give players a boost of self-confidence and create memories that last a lifetime. Choosing outstanding players to earn awards may seem difficult, but as you get more creative with the awards, you will see how fun and exciting the award process can be.

Reward Hard Work

To reward hard work or attendance at practice and games, give players a certificate, small medal or trophy. Include their names and a positive message thanking them for their efforts.

Skills Awards

Come up with honors based on the skills the players possess. Most Valuable Player is typically a must for every team. Choose the player your team could not do without. Most Improved is also an honor. To lighten up the awards ceremony, create awards for best dunk, on-the-court dance moves, best chest passes, best defensive player and best free throw shooter. Choose different players for each award if possible to raise the self-esteem of the team.

Coach's Choice

Coach’s choice and team leader are vital awards. The coach will choose a player to reward. This award can be given for any reason including dedication, skill, heart, or even because the player kept the water supply stocked during practice. The team leader award should be given to the player who goes above and beyond to lead the team, both on and off the court.

Be Creative

You can also get silly with the awards. For example, give the player with the crazy shoes the best kicks award; honor the best jumping jack and the goofiest jump shot. Put some creativity into the awards and have fun with it.