Ideas for Coach Awards

Award Categories

    Coaches want to recognize every player on the team. The most-popular categories for awards are most improved player, most improved player or a most valuable player. A coach can expand the categories and recognize more deserving members of the team for their achievements. Some ideas are team-spirit award, good-attitude award, attendance award, leadership award, most energetic award, best-listener award, role-model award and character award. The coach can be creative here and come up with even more categories to help recognize every member on the team.

Individual Achievements

    A player will remember for a long time what his coach has to say about him. While giving out individual awards, the coach can speak about each individual player's accomplishments and what he has meant to the team. To make the speech something each player can treasure for years to come, have his achievements printed out and laminated with a personal signature from the coach.

Trophies, Trading Cards and Pennants

    The memorabilia the coach gives a player at the end of the season will be become a keepsake for all the players. With a little effort, these trophies can become awards the players will treasure for years to come. Trophies should all be personalized with the player's name, team name and the dates of the season. Several unique ideas can be found such as trophies in the shape of a basketball, softball, soccer ball, baseball, football or other sport. Trophies can be made of different materials including gold, silver, crystal, marble or plastic. Choosing a unique engraving style can make the trophy more appealing. Plaques including a team picture are always a great choice.

    Trading Cards for each team member to trade with team members or with other friends are a fun choice. Trading cards can promote pride, self-esteem and make the team members feel like star athletes.

    Pennants are also another great choice for coach awards. To make the pennant more meaningful, include patches with the team name and individual player's name. A pennant can be a unique idea if the coach believes players are tired of receiving the same kind of trophy every season.

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