How to Become a Basketball Coach for the NBA

    Get involved with coaching as soon as possible. In middle school, high school and college, take an interest in coaching activities. Ask the coach as many questions as possible at their leisure. Offer to be an assistant coach when you are in high school and college. Ask the coach why he implemented certain strategies during certain stages of the game. Learn all the plays on offense and defense. Study the playbook until you know everything in it.

    Pursue a position as head coach at a high school. Once there, try to develop a winning track record, and keep absorbing knowledge about basketball. When your team is winning year after year, it will help your cause when you attempt to become an NBA coach.

    Pursue a coaching position at a college or university. A high-profile school will give you exposure on a national level. Understand the job of the referee, and know how to interact with them.

    Get to know your players' strengths and weaknesses at every level. You must be able to maximize their talent and inspire them to reach the next level. A good coach will command the respect of his players at all times.

    Contact several NBA coaches while you are coaching in college, and ask them to be a mentor. Send an email or letter to NBA coaches, and ask them to give you some insights about the game and some of their coaching philosophies and strategies. Contact coaches with successful track records. There is a reason why they are successful. Ask them what it takes to become a successful coach in the NBA. They will keep in touch with you and perhaps monitor the games you are coaching. If they have an opening for an assistant manager, you might want to apply. They might give you first preference because they have mentored you. When you become an NBA assistant coach, let the head coach know you eventually want to ascend to his level. Learn as much as you can. This will be some of the most valuable experience you ever get.. Be patient, enjoy the experience, and absorb as much ,as you can.

    Ask your NBA coach to recommend you for open positions. Great coaches always seem to have assistants that are sought by other teams.


  • It could take years before you become an NBA coach, so chart your path and pursue excellence at every level.

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