How to Become an NFL Mascot

How to Become an NFL Mascot. The mascot for a professional sports team is instantly recognizable. Fans young and old see the mascot as representing the NFL, its ideals and the sport of football overall. Those who want to become an NFL mascot need to train hard, be able to follow the game and wow the crowds.

How much does an NFL Mascot make?

According to CareerTrend, an NFL mascot makes between $25,000 and $65,000 a year.

1. Handle the physical requirements

Have acrobatic, cheerleader or mascot training under your belt before applying for NFL mascot job openings. Employers want to know that you can handle the demanding physical requirements of the job before they hire you as a mascot.

2. Know the rules of football

Become well versed in the rules of football if you do not have prior knowledge. As a mascot for a football team, it is important to be able to accurately follow the game so you can help the fans cheer on their team. Watch old games to study how the mascots act as well.

3. In college? Try out to be your school's mascot.

If you were the mascot at your college, you're going to have a major advantage over everyone else. If you're currently in college, try out to be your school's mascot as soon as possible.

4. Go to Mascot School

Go to Pro Mascot School. This school, based in Texas, will teach you absolutely everything you need to know to become an NFL mascot.

Search the Career Center for job listings. Mascot positions, as like other positions within the organization, tend to become available at the end of the football season.

5. Update your resume

Update your resume to emphasize any prior job experience that is related to becoming a mascot. This could include acting roles or other positions that you have held where you worked in the public eye, in addition to your athletic background.

6. Craft your cover letter

Craft a cover letter that, in addition to marketing your academic or athletic strengths, explains why you want to become the mascot for this specific team. Perhaps you have been a fan since childhood or grew up in that region of the country. The person reading your letter needs to have an idea why you, out of all the other applicants, should be given a chance.

7. Find insights about your team

Learn everything you can about the structure of the NFL as an employer and more specifically, the team for which you are applying to be the mascot. Interviewers like to see that you have done your homework and have some knowledge of the organization.

8. Prepare for your audition

Prepare for auditioning your mascot abilities as well as attending an interview. Brush up on your signature routine so that you can show your prospective employers that you are right for this job.

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