How to Become a WNBA Player

The Women’s National Basketball Association, called WNBA for short, is a professional women’s league. Because the league may lose, relocate or expand teams from year to year, the number of teams which play each season may vary slightly. The women play by the majority of the same rules as the men do in the NBA.

Become skilled in all areas of the game. Learn defensive techniques such as pressuring the offensive and covering the ball handler. Practice ball handling skills by dribbling two balls down court at one time. Learn all types of passes including the chest pass and the behind the back pass. Be aware of when to use them. For example a bounce pass is often used when you are getting pressure from the defense.

Develop a good conditioning program. To become and WNBA player you will need to put together a workout that will improve your skills as a basketball player. Jump rope, which will help build stamina and improve coordination. Run sprints to improve speed. Practice drills which include pivoting and jumping. Do plyometric jumps, which increase leg strength.

Stay healthy. Develop a nutritional diet. Prevent injuries from overuse by following the advice of your team trainer. Wear basketball shoes when you play, as they will support your ankle better than tennis shoes. They will provide the needed support for running and jumping.

Get drafted. Attend the pre-draft tryout camp some teams may hold. WNBA teams often hold a camp before the draft to determine the skill level of various players. This helps the coaches locate the players they are the most interested in. Contact individual teams to determine if they have a pre-draft tryout camp and the requirements for attending.

Go to an open tryout. Contact teams directly. Some teams may draft players and recruit team members through tryouts. Although not all WNBA teams hold open tryouts some teams do. Contact individual team directly to determine if and when they hold tryouts.

Accept direction, work well as part of a team and stay focused. Playing women’s professional basketball requires dedication and hard work. Keep in mind that it’s important to be able to take direction from a coach and work with team members to achieve the same goals for the team.