How to Get a Body Like Holly Hunter

    Stick to a diet high in low fat foods and cut back on the junk food. Though she spends a lot of time on the set, the actress always makes sure to eat as healthy as possible.

    Use the treadmill to get your lower body in shape. The actress used a personal trainer in the past that recommend she use the treadmill several times a week.

    Do strength training while using light weights. To get in shape for her role as Billie Jean King, Hunter found that light weights got the best results.

    Turn to the Pilates matt to get those toned looking muscles. Hunter's trainer also showed her the benefits of using Pilates to get in better shape.

    Spend at least five days working out and try to workout for 1-2 hours during your sessions. The actress does two hour sessions, five days a week when she needs to get ready for a role.

    Work with a personal trainer to determine what you need. Hunter's personal trainer helped her find the right exercises to get the results she wanted.

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