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How to Book a Pro Wrestler for an Autograph Appearance

    Step 1

    Add a wrestler on a social networking site. Many wrestlers are on Twitter or MySpace and some will even add you on Facebook. After this, you can send them a private message or post on their wall about possibly making an appearance.

    Step 2

    Visit wrestling news and spoiler websites such as or, which post updates whenever wrestlers are taking new bookings. This occurs usually when wrestlers part ways with their company and their 90-day no compete clause has expired (for WWE) or whenever they are willing and able (TNA).

    Step 3

    If a wrestler is under contract to any company, go to the company's website. For WWE, a list of people to contact for booking talent for charitable events, talent interviews, and live event appearances can be found at For TNA, Ring of Honor Wrestling (ROH) and other wrestling companies, contact the wrestlers individually.

    Step 4

    Check where live events are taking place around the date you’re asking for. On the TNA website,, click “Live Events” at the bottom, and on the WWE website,, click “Appearances” on the left panel bar. This will inform you which dates wrestlers are in your area.

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Things Needed

  • Time and location of your event
  • Phone
  • Payment (if not for charitable event)

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