How to Break in a Wilson A2000


So you have just got a brand new Wilson A2000 baseball glove. It smells of rich leather, shines in the sunlight and cracks like a whip when you toss a ball into its pocket. The only problem is that the glove seems to be a bit too stiff.

Luckily, there are several simple solutions that will mold your new mitt perfectly to your hands. From the oldest tricks of leaving the glove under your mattress, to state of the art creams, there are no shortage of remedies to break in a Wilson A2000.


Baseball catcher mitt with ball isolated on white background clo image by Dmitry Rukhlenko from

Grab a friend, relative or anybody looking to toss around the old rawhide, and put that new glove to use. The best way to get a perfect fit in your glove is to play catch and let the wear and tear naturally mold the glove to your hands.

Think of a new glove as you would a new pair of shoes; the more you wear them the more your feet morph along the soul of the shoe. Thus, they feel more comfortable. The same principal applies to your new A2000--the more you play catch with it, the sooner it will take the shape of your hand.

Ideally, playing catch for at least a half an hour everyday will help speed up the process. If you can't find someone to play with, try using a pitch back or simply pound the ball into your glove while you are lying around or watching television.

Apply a moderate amount of glove oil to the whole glove--including the back and the fingers--after the glove had had some play and has softened up a bit. Massage the oil into your glove. Too much oil can make your glove too heavy, while too little is useless. Apply a few fingertips of oil or jelly to start, and add more until it feels right. Remember, breaking in a glove is a very personal thing, so work it out until you feel it fits just right.

According to Shigeaki Aso, the "Glove Expert" at Wilson, "Wilson's Pro Stock Glove Conditioner is specifically treated to correctly loosen the hide fibers in the A2000s."


Baseball catcher mitt with ball isolated on white background clo image by Dmitry Rukhlenko from

Place a ball in the pocket where you would like to catch the ball every time, after the glove is well oiled. Wrap the ball in the glove with rubber bands and watch as the glove forms to the pocket created by the ball. Some people like to put their gloves under their bed when it is all wrapped up, but it normally has little to no effect on the process.

Aso suggests that you repeat the process of oiling your A2000 and wrapping it with a ball in the pocket "two to three times per week for the first two or three weeks." Remember, playing catch is the best way to break in the glove, so after oiling up your glove all night, be sure to take it outside to break it in with some proper use.


Take your glove out onto the playing field and show off its style. If you have played enough catch while breaking in the glove, you should see some improvement in your game too. Enjoy all your hard work, and a nice, soft, Wilson A2000 glove.