How to Care for a Cascade Lacrosse Helmet

two caucasian male lacrosse players from opposing teams collide as one blocks the other when he jumps in the air

Men's lacrosse has been deemed the fastest sport on two feet, and in addition to that, it is also an extremely physical game. This physical nature has led the sport to mandate helmets for all men's lacrosse players, in addition to goalies in the women's game. A premium brand of men's lacrosse helmets is the Cascade brand, but even a top-brand helmet needs to be tended to and maintained. Maintaining your Cascade Lacrosse Helmet involves routinely checking its integrity for cracks or rust, cleaning it and ensuring it fits properly as you grow.

Lacrosse Helmet Components

The lacrosse helmet has several components that help it protect its players from concussions, contusions, damage to the face, and minor scratches and scrapes. You'll need to check these parts to ensure your helmet continues to protect you. The helmet consists of the main shell, which covers the skull, and includes interior padding, the face mask, the visor and a chin strap.

Assess Your Helmet's Quality

In order to maintain and care for your Cascade lacrosse helmet, you must constantly assess its quality. Check the shell of the helmet for any cracks or dents, the face guard for any rust, dents or loose fasteners, and the chin strap for tears or loose fasteners. Address any major cracks or dents in the shell of the helmet immediately. Take it to your local sports store to see if the helmet can be repaired, but prepare to buy a new helmet because a cracked helmet will not meet the sport's standards.

Cleaning the Outside

Being the physical sport that it is, your lacrosse helmet will inevitably get dirty. Even grass stains can become an issue. To keep your helmet clean, use warm water and a rag. Soap could tarnish the surface of the helmet. Wipe down your helmet after each use to prevent tough buildup that will be more difficult to clean. Scrub gently over any spots or stains and then use a dry rag to dry the helmet.

Cleaning the Inside

Although you may not see dirt on the inside of your lacrosse helmet, it's there. Clean the inside to prevent the helmet from smelling. Remove the padded liners and soak them in warm water for one minute. Squeeze out the water and lay out the liners to air dry. Once the liners are dry, refasten them to the inside of the helmet.

Storage Tips

Find a safe storage spot for your helmet when it is not in use. Do not toss your helmet in your lacrosse bag and leave it there. The damp bag can lead to odor, and in the process of throwing your helmet into your bag with the rest of your gear, you risk causing cracks and dents. Instead, find a safe spot to hang your helmet, ideally in the garage, and away from the outdoor elements.