Carmen Electra Pole Installation Instructions

Before You Begin

    Make sure your working area is clear of any furniture or objects. You should have sufficient space to swing freely around the entire circumference of the pole. A rough guide is to measure your entire body length with your arms over your head, then measure a circle with this radius around the pole. This will give you ample working space. While the pole can be assembled by just one person, you can enlist the help of a friend for extra safety and ease of installation. Also, measure your ceiling height. The Electra-Pole is made to fit ceiling heights between 7-foot-2' and 8-foot-6. If your ceiling does not fall into this range, you cannot install the Electra-Pole.


    Remove the pole from its packaging. You should have three pole sections. Slot the sections together. Add the bottom and top plates on to the ends of the pole by sliding in and twisting until the spring-loaded nibs on the plate click into the holes on the pole. The Electra-Pole should always be installed directly underneath a ceiling joist. To find the closest joist, tap the ceiling until you hear a change in the sound. When you hear a more dulled sound, that is where the joist is located. If you cannot hear any change in sound, source an electronic stud-finder from your local hardware store.

    Stand the pole upright between the floor and the ceiling. Using the wrench supplied with the kit, unscrew and extend the top plate so that it protrudes far enough to just establish contact with the ceiling. Repeat for the bottom plate, until the pole is firmly secured between the floor and the ceiling. Using the smaller wrench, tighten the nuts on the bottom plate to prevent the pole from untwisting during practice.

    Test that the pole is secure by gently pushing laterally on the top section. Gradually add more force until you are exerting your full body weight on the pole. If the pole slips during this process, unscrew and extend the bottom plate to extend the pole a little more and test again.


    This pole is best installed on surfaces with strong substrate materials such as concrete. It produces a point load that may be strong enough to punch through softer materials such as drywall. Always check where the supports exist under your floor and ceiling surfaces and install the pole in this location.

    Never install your Electra-Pole on a sloped ceiling. They are only suitable for installation between a parallel floor and ceiling.

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