How to Carry a Recurve Bow Across a Back

    Tighten the string on the recurve bow. When selecting a bow, make sure that the bow is the correct size in relation to your height. To determine the correct length when purchasing an recurve bow take the measurement from the end of your fingertips to your chest and add one inch. This measurement is your arrow length. The bow size is determined by a 3-to-1 ratio of the arrow length. If your arrow length is 24 inches, the bow length is 72 inches.

    Wrap the bow string with a nonabrasive material such as a cotton towel of small blanket . Slip the bow over your back and around the shoulder. The bow should rest against your back at an angle. Check the positioning and snugness of the bow so it does not slip across your neck and throat. Recurve bows are strung on the ends of the bow. If the bow is too loose or snug the the sling can be adjusted by loosening or tightening the sling straps.

    Practice walking with the bow on your back to determine if the bow will stay tight in brush or wooded areas. When the time comes to use the bow, lift the bow from the bottom and gently slide the string over your head, then push the bow away from your body.

Things Needed

  • Cotton towel

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