How to Change the Drive Belts on Club Car Golf Carts

    Step 1

    Park the golf cart, and turn off the engine.

    Step 2

    Raise the golf cart engine cover, to access the drive belt inside the engine compartment. The drive belt is plainly visible.

    Step 3

    Loosen the drive belt tension bolt, with the open end wrench, on the front pulley.

    Step 4

    Slide the old drive belt off the front drive clutch pulley, and then the rear clutch pulley.

    Step 5

    Slip the new belt around the golf cart's clutch pulley, and then stretch it out over the front pulley.

    Step 6

    Pull the front pulley forward slightly to increase the belt tension, and then tighten the tension bolt with the wrench.

Things Needed

  • Open end wrench
  • Replacement belt

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