How to Change Weights in a Taylormade R7 Driver Without the Tool


TaylorMade r7 drivers are designed with movable weight technology, meaning weights can be added or taken from various part of the club head to manipulate ball flight trajectory. Added weight to the heel will produce a draw, while weight added to the toe will fade the ball. Additional ports exist for increasing force and lowering center of gravity to hit the ball longer and higher. A specific TaylorMade wrench is required to change the weighting system; however, another tool can be used if the wrench is unavailable to you.

Insert the T25 Torx head into the weighted screw in one of the club head ports.

Turn counterclockwise until the weighted screw is removed completely.

Reinsert the weighted screw into the desired port, and turn it clockwise until it is fastened securely.


Clubs with movable weight technology are only legal in tournament play if all changes have been made prior to the round and are not altered during the round.