How to Clean Basketball Backboards

The backboard can be considered one of the most important things on a basketball court and therefore should be kept in tip-top shape. It is vital to make sure a glass backboard is clean. Like bent rims and torn nets, a dirty backboard can greatly alter the level and outcome of a basketball game.

How to Clean a Basketball Backboard

Stand the ladder in front of the backboard and to the right of the rim. In front of the backboard means that the ladder will be on the side of the backboard that the basketball rim is on.

Climb to a step on the ladder that is comfortable but from where you can reach the top of the backboard easily.

Spray glass cleaner on the surface of the glass backboard from the middle of the square to the edge of the right side of the backboard. Every inch of the backboard does not need to be wet, but there needs to be enough liquid on it to clean the whole side.

Rub the rag in a clockwise motion around the right side of the backboard. The glass cleaner should be lightly covering the entire surface of the right side of the backboard.

Scrub hard at scuffs until they come off. Scuffs occur when the ball hits the backboard on bank shots. If scuffs will not come out using glass cleaner, try a mixture of pumice and water.

Dry the backboard by dabbing paper towels on the backboard to remove glass cleaner without causing streaks. Avoiding streaks is important because the backboard should be completely clear as not to disturb a player's view while shooting.

Switch the ladder to the left side of the rim and repeat Steps 1 through 6. Once the full backboard is clean and dry, step off the ladder and move back a few feet to examine your work. If the backboard is completely clean and clear, you are now finished.


Always use a clean rag when cleaning.

Use paper towels to dry the backboard to avoid streaks; using the wet rag will not get the backboard clear.


When using a ladder, do not stand on the top rung, do not go to any rung that feels uncomfortable, and always have a spotter.