Definition of Adventure Sports


    Adventure sports, which are also known as extreme sports, are usually outdoor sports involving intense, sometimes life threatening actions creating an adventurous atmosphere. Those involved with adventure sports are more often competing against nature rather than against another person. Physical abilities are often pushed to the limit. For example, mountain climbing has been around for thousands of years. Initially, this was done as exploration, but once an area was explored and people realized such a feat was possible, others wanted to attempt it. Hot air balloons have also been around for awhile and still are popular today.


    Adventure sports have evolved greatly. Television has actually had a large impact on the evolution of the genre. The X Games started in 1995 and brought to the masses extreme sports like freestyle snowboardng, skateboarding and motocross. Also, television networks like Travel Channel and Discovery Channel have helped introduce adventure sports through titillating stories. Adventure sports originally were, and still are to an extent, non-mainstream sports. But, through marketing, sports like whitewater rafting, skydiving and mountain biking have become businesses just like mainstream sports. Outdoor sports stores are common in most shopping areas, where even the most inexperienced adventure sports enthusiast can find gear and information on guided adventures.


    Adventure sports take place throughout the whole year and are not limited to a single season. Some of the more popular sports include skydiving, rock climbing, mountain climbing, whitewater rafting, base jumping, bungee jumping, freestyle snowboarding and ice climbing. Some sports like surfing, BMX and skateboarding are often also considered adventure sports. Some newer or lesser known sports include free running, kite surfing, sand boarding and wing suit skydiving.


    Adventure sports are beneficial because they can help release built up stress or tension. The adrenaline rush felt through adventure sports can be attributed not only to the satisfaction of cheating death but also the physicality some of the more intense sports require.


    Because of the ever evolving list of adventure sports, there is great potential for more and more creative sports that will continue to cheat death. Adventure sports also encourage exploration and conquering the elements of nature, whether they be through the sky, over mountains, through caves or underwater. So, the more that is explored, the more likely a sport can be created from it.

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