How do I Disassemble the Bowflex Ultimate 2?


The Bowflex Ultimate 2 mini-gym comes from the line of Bowflex Home Gyms developed by Nautilus Inc. Having the Bowflex Ultimate 2 at home gives owners the flexibility of having a gym at home because it provides a full body workout experience with an assortment of more than 95 exercises. To save space around the home after workouts, the Bowflex Ultimate 2 can be disassembled.

Detach the cables from the hooks at the bottom of the abs-crunch cable and carefully slide up the abs-crunch component from the seat-rail support. Lift up the end of the bench farthest from the sliding side and remove the bench from the seat rail by unhinging it from the cross brace that attaches it to the sliding-seat bracket.

Unhook the curl bar from the webbing on the roller-pad bar at the leg-extension attachment. Remove the preacher-curl attachment from the leg-extension attachment by unhooking it. Unhook the leg-extension seat frame from the posts of the leg-extension attachment.

Locate the hooks below the leg-extension fixture and unhook the attached cables. From the posts on the seat-rail support, unhook the leg-extension fixture to free this up and slide up to remove the attachment.

On both flanks of the squat attachment, unhook the cables leading towards the chest-bar sliding pulley to detach it. Remove the squat attachment from the lower post on the seat frame by unlocking it from its position and unhooking it to free it up. Locate and remove the squat holder that is inserted into the round hole beneath the seat rail. Unlock and remove the seat "T" handle from its position on the seat rail.

Detach the cable attached at the front of the bench support. It is the one that extends from the back of the assembly toward the front. Carefully thread the cable through the different pulley assemblies and take note of their placement to make it easy to reassemble the unit in the future. Thread the cable through the lower half of the floating-pulley assembly. Disassemble the single-pulley assembly to fully detach the cable. Repeat this step for the cables on the other side of the Bowflex.

Unscrew the bolts and washers and detach the upper-lat uprights from the lower-lat uprights. Detach the lower-lat uprights from the rear-base assembly by unscrewing the bolts used to attach it. Remove the plastic covers from the base assembly by unscrewing the bolts that attach these. Disjoint the front-base assembly and the front-rear assembly by removing the bolts and washers.


Enlist a friend to help disassemble the Bowflex Ultimate 2 because most components are large and heavy.