What Is Drilling Protection When Buying Bowling Balls?


Drilling protection offers bowlers some peace of mind by insuring their bowling ball purchases. Drilling protection offers replacement of bowling balls that become damaged in any serious way during the drilling process.


During the drilling process, bowling pro shop operators can sometimes inadvertently drill in manners that cause cracking of the ball’s exterior cover stock. Drilling protection ensures that this does not make new bowling balls too risky to purchase.


Drilling protection is offered by many professional bowling shops and online bowling ball distributors at the time of purchase.


Bowling balls can be costly investments, ranging anywhere from $50 up to near $300. Since there is no type of bowling equipment insurance, drilling protection effectively serves as insurance.


Drilling protection is often offered as a free add-on when purchasing a new bowling ball, but some pro shops and bowling ball companies charge a small fee, usually around $10 or less, for this service.


Pro shops do not offer this service when drilling used bowling balls, as preexisting factors could cause the ball to be more prone to cracking.