How to Grip Tape a Badminton Racket


Badminton is a game of finesse where you hit a small shuttlecock, or "birdie," over a net. These birdies are conically shaped with features fanning out from the tip. These feathers invoke greater drag than in other sports, which means the birdie travels slower and over-powering an opponent is harder to accomplish. Therefore, you win by exercising greater control over the birdie and your racket. Having a grip you are comfortable with is paramount for a successful game against a skilled opponent. You may opt to re-tape your racket handle to create a custom grip suited to your preference, which would allow greater control.

Pull the collar, located at the top of the handle, up along the shaft and away from the handle. This exposes the entire tape beneath. Some rackets may not have this collar.

Remove any staples on the handle, which some manufacturers use to secure their tape. You can remove them by pulling them straight out with a pair of pliers.

Unwrap the existing handle grip and discard.

Wrap the replacement tape around the base of the handle one full rotation and then angle the tape upward and continue wrapping. The angle should be enough to allow the tape to spiral up the handle while overlapping the previous layer. Keep the tape taught and even, so you can avoid unnecessary wrinkles. Some tape may have a backing, which must be removed to expose the adhesive; if your tape has such backing, then peal it back as you wrap the tape around the handle.

Stop wrapping when the tape first touches the very top edge of the handle, which will probably taper into a point. Cut the tape perpendicularly to the handle at that point, which should create a taper in the tape. Wrap the excess tape around the top. The angled cut should allow the tape to wrap around the top edge of the handle without overlapping onto the shaft.

Slide the collar, if present, back down onto the top of the handle to secure the tape in place.


If you prefer a wider handle grip, you can wrap the tape several times around the handle.