Homemade Crutch Covers

If you’re stuck using crutches due to a foot or leg injury, you can make the experience a little more comfortable and fashionable designing your own homemade crutch covers. Homemade crutch covers are easy to make using a few household items and help to relieve underarm discomfort through daily use. Although padding your crutches will make them more comfortable, avoid leaning on them for an extended amount of time to avoid injury to the armpit area.

Clothing Covers

Provide padding and additional warmth by covering the top of your crutches with an old sweater. Cut off the sweater sleeves and wrap the crutch padding with each sleeve. Secure the sweater arms around the pads using duct tape.

Use two old sock caps to top your crutches. Lay one cap over the top of the crutch and pull tightly. Secure the cap using duct tape or use safety pins. Another clothing option is to use two tube socks to pad your crutches. Wind one or two tube socks around each crutch pad and secure by winding duct tape around the top.

Attractive Covers

Decorate and add comfort to a pair of women’s crutches using fashionable silk or muslin scarves. Select two scarves that compliment your outfit. Place the middle of the scarf on top of your crutches and tie underneath. Allow the bottom portion of the scarf to flow underneath to provide a stylish look.

Get a smart, snappy business look using a variety of men’s ties to be your crutch cover. Select two subdued colored ties. Use double stick fabric tape to affix your tie on the crutch pads. Place one piece of fabric tape on the bottom of one tie and wind around the crutch pad. Affix the other end of the tie with a piece of double stick fabric tape.

Household Item Covers

Use small travel pillows to pad your crutches. Line the top of your crutch pads with double stick hook and loop tape. Use a corresponding piece of hook and loop tape to line the middle of your travel pillow, lengthwise. Place the travel pillow lengthwise on top of the crutch pad and push down so the hook and loop tape connects.

Soft dishtowels are another way to add comfort to your crutches. Select two high-thread-count dish towels and affix them to your crutches using duct tape or hand stitch them underneath the crutch pad.