How to Decorate an Arm Cast

An arm cast doesn’t have to be the eyesore it used to be. Gone are the days of the plain, white plaster and smeared pencil autographs. Orthopedic companies offer plenty of creative options for the cast wearer and advances in permanent markers means expressing yourself in clear, crisp lines. The new decoration options make it almost cool to be cast.

Cast Ideas

Paint an intricate design or scene on your cast with acrylic paints and small brushes. If the location of the arm cast makes painting it yourself difficult, ask a friend to draw up a design and paint it on your cast. Seal the design with a clear paint sealant and protect it while showering by placing the cast in a plastic bag.

Use a shrink-wrap product designed specifically for leg and arm casts. Commercial products like “Casttoo” and “Shrinkins” use the heat of a hair dryer to custom wrap your cast with a decorative design such as flowers, animals, sports items and even bone images. Easy to do with beautiful results, your cast will have people talking.

Ask your friends to sign their autographs in creative ways. Use colored, permanent markers and ask your friends not to only sign their names, but to write their names in unusual fonts and in various sizes to decorate your cast. Use both wide and narrow markers for variety.

Request a colored “top coat” on your cast to create a bright canvas. When the cast is applied, you’ll most likely be offered a a choice of colored casting material. Use a bright color as your backdrop and have friends doodle on your cast with black permanent markers.

Have a decorating party. Invite three or four of your most artistic friends and ask them to collaborate on a design for your cast. Use permanent markers and ask them to work together to create an abstract art piece.

Hot glue a few sparkly rhinestones, faux gemstones or silk flower blossoms to add a festive touch to your cast. Applying enhancements means taking extra care in the shower. Also, check with your doctor to see if the accessories will impede the cast removal.


If you like to change your look use a product like Arm Candy, which features an elastic-style cover that fits over your cast without permanently changing it.


Don’t allow friends to write curse words or other inappropriate remarks on your cast.