How to Size Hockey Socks

Finding Your Sock Size

    You can determine the size you need by measuring the length of your leg. Use a fabric measuring tape to measure the distance between your ankle bone and the middle of your thigh.

    • If the distance is 16 to 18 inches, select mites size.
    • If the distance is 22 to 24 inches, select youth size.
    • If the distance is 26 to 28 inches, select intermediate size.
    • If the distance is 30 to 32 inches, select adult size.
    • If the distance is 33 or 34 inches, select extra large size.

    If you find that your measurement places you in-between sizes, you can select the larger size and wrap the socks with tape, attach the socks to your garter belt, or use the fabric fastener tabs on your hockey jog shorts to secure the socks in place.

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