How to Lose Three Pounds for Wrestling

Feet in sauna

Losing 3 pounds doesn't sound like a big deal, but it can mean the difference between competing in a different weight class for a wrestler. The best way to lose 3 pounds is to plan ahead, gradually cut calories and work out hard for a few weeks prior to the big event. But if you don't plan well, you might end up needing to lose weight faster than that. Fast weight loss is generally believed to be more difficult and dangerous, but when done correctly and carefully it can produce positive results.

Cut most of the fats out of your diet. Focus on eating complex carbs and low-fat protein sources. Eat a balanced diet that is rich in whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and low in processed foods. Drink water when you are thirsty instead of sugary soft drinks or juice.

Perform aerobic exercise at least four or five days per week for 45 to 90 minutes at a time. This will help keep excess weight off, as well as help you become a better wrestler by having greater endurance and speed. Jogging, swimming, dancing and cycling all qualify as aerobic exercise.

Wrestle often to stay in shape, learn new techniques and manage your weight. Two to three pounds of water weight can generally be lost the day of your weight check if you spend a few hours wrestling a teammate or opponent first.

Use a steam room or sauna to sweat out excess water weight prior to your weigh-in. Simply sit in either type of room for 30 minutes one hour before your weight is checked. This will give you time to dry off before going to be weighed.

Stay hydrated in the days leading up to your weigh-in by drinking a lot of water. Your body will rid itself of unneeded water, and will not retain extra fluid because it is dehydrated. This can help you slim down by a pound or two before you need to be weighed. On the day of your weight check, however, avoid drinking more water than you need. The same goes for eating excess food. Don't eat more than you need. You can replenish your system after you are weighed, but before you go on to compete in a wrestling match.