How to Shorten Exercise Tubes

Woman doing bicep curls with stretch band

Sometimes exercising with body weight does not give you the results you are looking for, or you have surpassed the point where body weight alone stops increasing your strength. Enter exercise -- resistance -- tubing. This tubing increases muscle resistance, moving you along in your fitness endeavor. The shorter the tubing, the more resistance it gives you during the workout.

Form a loop in the tubing, directly below the handle -- if it has handles. Lay the loop on top of the handle, and grasp both pieces firmly. Make multiple loops, and hold all loops, if your tubes do not have handles.

Perform your exercise while keeping the loop in place. Enlarge the loop if you find the current loop size does not increase the resistance to the level needed. Continue adjusting the loop until you have the perfect amount of resistance.

Fold the tubing in half. Grasp the center of the doubled-up tubing at the bend. Make a knot just above the bend to render the tubing about 4 to 5 inches shorter, but leave the knot loose. Untie the knot after you finish your workout.


Avoid cutting to shorten the tubing, as you may need the additional length for another type of exercise.