How to Wear a Judo Uniform

XVI Pan American Games - Day 15

Judo competitors wear a distinct uniform, known as a judogi, when competing and training. The judogi consists of three parts: pants, jacket and belt. Simply throwing the uniform on is not an option, however -- you need to wear the judogi properly, as outlined in the rules of the International Judo Federation. When you wear the judogi as intended, it signifies your respect for the sport and your professionalism.

Wear judo pants, known as "jubon," so they are long enough to cover your legs. They should extend no farther than the ankle joint, and must reach at least 5 centimeters above it.

Wear a plain T-shirt or leotard with short sleeves if you are a female competitor. The shirt or leotard must be either white or off-white in color. It is worn under the jacket. Male competitors do not wear anything under the jacket.

Put on the jacket, known as a "kimono," so the left side is folded over the right side. The fold should be no less than 20 centimeters below your rib cage. The sleeves should extend to at least 5 centimeters above your wrists, and cannot extend beyond your wrists.

Tie your belt, or "obi," in a square knot by placing the left side over and under the right side and then placing the right side over and under the left side. Then pull the knot tight. The belt should be the color that corresponds to your judo rank.


Judogis must be blue or white. In competition, the first competitor wears blue and the second competitor wears white.