Hoyt Trykom XL Bow Specifications


Hoyt is a leading manufacturer of high-quality archery products, providing hunters and hobbyists with a full line of handcrafted target, compound and recurve bows and accessories for over 79-years. In 2006, Hoyt released their new Trykon XL for serious archers, sportsmen and bow-hunters. The hefty Hoyt Trykon XL was so well received that the company re-released it as their golden 75-year anniversary commemorative bow.


The Hoyt Trykon XL Compound Bow was intentionally designed as a heavier, stout bow. It measures 36 inches in length from axle to axle, and weighs between 70 and 80 pounds, depending on how the archer accessorizes it. The extra weight gives this bow an edge in durability, allowing it to easily withstand inclement weather conditions (including rain and snow) and occasional drops and falls. The Hoyt Trykon XL is heavily built and affected very little by changes in temperature or humidity, providing marksmen with superior accuracy, velocity and distance.


The Hoyt Trykon XL has a generous draw length between 26 and 32 inches. This beefy bow produces a draw weight between 50 and 60 pounds during operation for hunting and target shoots. The string length is 57 inches, and can be adjusted up or down within one inch. The Trykon XL offers bow hunters exceptional stealth and control by including string silencers, a quiver release loop and a stabilizer in the bow design.

Dexterity and Power

Hoyt Trykon XL is a robust and custom tailored archery tool, available in left- and right-hand models. The powerful but smooth, silent, vibration-free compound bow allows dexterous skilled marksmen to achieve an unprecedented IBO speed of 314.

75-Year Anniversary, Limited Edition

The popular and forbidding Trykon XL was an easy choice to commemorate Hoyt’s 75-year anniversary providing bows to food providers, sportsmen, and professional and amateur archers since the early 1930s. Hoyt produced 750 Trykon XL, Limited Edition, Compound Bows: each gold-plated in 22-karat gold, plaque mounted, and numbered, sold exclusively for archery memorabilia collectors.