Ideas for Softball Award Certificates

Girl pitching in little league softball game

Acknowledging the efforts and achievements of fellow softball players is a rewarding experience for all parties involved. The end of a softball season should be a time for recognition, reflection and celebration. Presenting players with declarations of their services in the form of appropriate award certificates will help to ensure everybody leaves the season feeling good; this will also encourage players to play again the following season.

Don't Be Too Serious

Creativity should be a priority. Remember that we are not dealing with professional athletes; players understand that softball is geared around having fun, so, too, should be any awards ceremonies or certificates. Free, printable certificates are available online (

Customize Awards

Awards and certificates should be geared toward each specific player. If you don't know these players and what follies or triumphs they accomplished during the season, seek out a coach or player who does. Knowing individual stats/bloopers will help you to customize your awards. A few silly award certificate examples: "Most likely to break a window" or "Least likely to steal a base."

Think Outside the Box

Don't be afraid to convert unconventional items into awards/certificates. There is no rule that says a softball award must be in the form of fancy parchment paper; instead, consider using softball-related equipment as awards. Having the entire team sign a jersey makes for a very special award, as does signed baseball bats, gloves and balls. Give players something to remember.