Instructions for the Guard Dog Blade Guards for Ice Skates


When on the ice, the sharp edges of the skate blades allow the skater to glide and move smoothly across the surface. When off the ice, hard surfaces dull these blades and make movement difficult for the wearer. The right fit for blade guards saves wear and tear on the skates. Guard Dog blade guards are designed to give a custom fit for skates to protect them while off the ice and protect others from the sharp edges while not in use.

Measure the length of the blade from tip to tip. Find the center and mark the spot with a washable marker.

Place one of the pieces of the Guard Dog blade guards onto the front of the blade. Mark the spot on the blade that matches with the center point of the blade. Cut the guard at this point using a box cutter or craft knife.

Place the second half of the Guard Dog blade guard onto the back of the blade. Mark where the blade meets the center. Measure 1/8th of an inch toward the back of the guard and cut the guard at this point.

Repeat this process for the second skate.

Attach the connecting springs. Screw the springs in place using the pre-cut holes in the guards. One end of the springs attaches to one piece of the guard and the other end joins the two pieces together.


There will be a gap between the guards. This is normal.


Inaccurate measuring will lead to the guards not fitting the blades securely. Measure carefully from tip to tip of the blades.