Instructions for Changing the Battery of the OneTouch Ultra

The OneTouch Ultra is an electronic unit that checks the glucose level of blood. It's commonly used as a monitor for people afflicted with diabetes. The OneTouch Ultra uses a three-volt lithium battery. When this battery requires replacement, you'll see a flashing message on the display screen. Changing the battery should take you less than five minutes.

Turn the OneTouch Ultra off, and then turn the unit over to view the back.

Push the plastic tab on the battery cover upward. This unhooks it from the unit. Pull it off to view the battery.

Lift the battery out of the OneTouch Ultra. Set the new battery in its place. Make sure the "Plus" sign faces upward.

Place the battery cover back in place and push it to snap it back on.


You can expect the OneTouch Ultra's battery to last through approximately 1,000 tests.

When the "Battery" symbol appears on the OneTouch Ultra's display, you'll have approximately 50 more tests before the battery dies.

You can purchase the replacement battery for the OneTouch Ultra at most electronic stores. Only use the specified battery, model CR2032.

Contact your local waste authority to find a disposal center for lithium batteries. You can also visit the Earth 911 website to find a disposal center.